🔁on redemption

the most important part of the whole system is redemption. it takes place after obtaining your design and you want to get the real life clothing to you.

there are two options:

1. redeeming through yiume

yiume designs and yiume collaborations will be able to be redeemed right through the yiume website.

all you will need to do is:

  • depending on design, input your manufacturing specifications

    • for example, if the design you bought is a logo, you can choose on what garment it will be manufactured on (pants, shirt, hoodie...), exact model of garment (cut, material), design position and size, the assembly technique (stitching, heat transfer...)

    • you can learn more in designs

once redeemed, you'll get an on-chain nft receipt and an email with all the delivery tracking information. finally, one morning you will wake up and a package will be waiting at your doorstep with your yiume-issued clothing inside, bearing the design you own as an nft.

another benefit of redeeming through yiume are the discounts you can get if you own certain nft collectibles issued through yiume (c.f. collectibles) -> (yiume.first)

2. redeeming individually

[will be available in phase #5 of the roadmap]

every design nft should have all the metadata necessary for production of the irl clothing. therefore, you can contact any manufacturer in the world, send them the nft, and they will produce and send you your clothing.

however, there is an opportunity cost between decentralisation and security/quality you should definitely keep in mind.

redemption cap

it is a necessity to introduce a redemption cap to ensure the scarcity of the real life clothes. the exact number depends on several things:

  • default amount provided by the nft design

  • number of eligible collectibles you own

for example, if you own a yiume design nft which you can redeem 5 times (you can use it to produce 5 identical physical garments), however, if you own certain collectibles, the number of redemptions increases to 6 or more.

redemption process

details will be clarified soon

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