every step we will take will be to achieve the vision of a free fashion industry. a fashion industry not chained down by large money hungry companies.

phase #1

  • preparation of the (yiume.first) collectibles

  • community development

  • collectibles smart contract development

  • frontend development

phase #2

  • (yiume.first) collectibles drop

  • partnerships announced

  • smart contract development for the designs

  • smart contract development for the redemption of the designs

phase #3

  • first partnership drops

  • redemption and receipt smart contract deployment

  • (yiume.essentials) preparation

phase #4

  • (yiume.essentials) designs drop

  • permissionless fashion marketplace development

  • testing & audit for the permissionless marketplace

phase #5

  • launch of permissionless fashion marketplace for independent creators

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