yiume’s approach to fashion unlocks an unprecedented level of ownership over one's clothing.

  1. full responsibility on the manufacturing methods

    1. you have the option to have your clothes made without exploiting and abusing workers.

    2. you can decide on the quality of the material: you finally don't have to buy low quality clothing that wears down after a couple of months

  2. financial incentives

    1. having an eye for hidden talent and investing in their designs early

    2. lend your designs or collectibles to other users for an interest

      1. collectibles can be rented to mass producers for them to get the benefits while you get the interest for lending

  3. permissionless decentralised marketplace

    1. given that anyone will be able to publish their designs, the design catalogue will grow with styles all users can choose from without being limited by one brand

    2. by creating a separate marketplace for manufacturers, they are allowed to directly compete for the customer. there are multiple benefits to this:

      1. the manufacturers are incentivised to act in the most ethical and transparent approach - something that has not been achievable until now

      2. lower final price as this allows more competition worldwide

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