empowering creators

  1. designers can purely focus on their art

    1. without yiume, being a designer requires:

      1. manufacturing

      2. logistics

      3. website

      4. upfront investments

      5. storage (for unsold stock)

    2. with yiume, you create a design nft and put it on-chain. that's it. this removes all the constraints and creatives can focus solely on the artistic side of things.

  2. no middle-man cuts

    1. the goal is to have smart contract run ecosystem without any human intervention

    2. yiume team does not take a cut from designers' work

  3. secondary royalties

    1. we firmly believe that the artists should be compensated properly for their work

    2. design nfts will collect royalties when sold on secondary markets and all proceeds will go to the creators

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