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what is .*^/yiume\^*.

leveraging decentralised tech to revolutionize the way we approach fashion
yiume is a decentralised fashion marketplace, where instead of buying finished clothing, you buy clothing designs as nfts directly from their creators.
clothing = redeem(design)
you can redeem these designs nfts for the actual physical garment: it contains all the metadata needed for production of the clothing, so any manufacturer in the world should be able to handle it.

no middle-man

such approach will remove the middle man between the designers and the users, effectively leveling the playing field for all fashion creators where only the quality of designs matters for success.

full ownership

moreover, yiume's model will provide users with full ownership over their clothing, enabling them to choose who and how manufactures their irl garments, as well as making it possible to financially leverage their wardrobe.

global on-demand production

finally, yiume's marketplace will initiate the adoption of the global on-demand production model proposed by us, eliminating garment surplus and waste. since users choose their manufacturers, fair-trade and sustainable production will be made accessible to everyone.
thus, yiume marketplace seeks to use decentralized tech to achieve a vision of a free and fair fashion industry
welcome to the family!++